Pinchcliffe SMP

Pinchcliffe SMP is a small survival server with an oldschool feel. We strive to maintain a relaxed community atmosphere. The server has been around for about 10 years. Both the server and the community have evolved greatly over this time and still continues to do so.

We don't allow hacks of any sort, if it gives you an unfair advantage over other players, simply don't use it. This includes but is not limited to xray, flying, speed modifiers, bots, etc. Most mods, such as minimaps, inventory sorters, and HUDs are allowed. However, if you're unsure if a specific mod would be allowed or not, speak to a member of staff about it for confirmation. Bug abuse and exploits cover a wide variety of things, from exploiting the anti-AFK system using an ingame machine or third party program, to abusing obvious malfunctions or oversights in server configs. Again, if you're unsure if something may be considered bug abuse or exploiting, speak with a member of staff for confirmation.
Nobody likes a griefer or a thief. If it's not your building, or not your items - don't touch it, unless you have direct permission from the rightful owner to do so. Please note, because someones building or area is not protected by GriefPrevention, doesn't mean it's available to grief.
You don't need to write in full caps for someone to notice your message. Please only use caps where necessary. Similarly, you don't need to spam the same message over and over to be noticed, one message is fine. Note, spamming people with TPA requests and/or other commands which may flood their chat comes under this rule. If you're flooding someones chat with unnecessary messages of any sort, it counts as spam.
We all deserve a bit of respect. Nobody plays here to be made a fool of. Please respect peoples privacy and their wish to play in a friendly environment.
If what you're typing doesn't desperately require a curse word, don't use one. Swearing in every other message is likely to get you muted. Various types of foul language are also looked down upon, including dirty sex chat, drugs, violence, self harm, etc.
Simply put, no server wants you to connect with the sole purpose of posting the IP of another server. It's a dirty tactic, and if you need to join other servers to steal players and build your own server player base, your server likely doesn't deserve the attention. Similarly, do not join other servers with the intention of advertising Pinchcliffe. We have our own means of advertising legitimately. If you'd like to help get the server out there, vote daily.
Staff will never give you free spawned items, especially not because you fell in lava - this is a survival server. Similarly, we won't change time or weather, or teleport you back to where you died. We choose our staff carefully and aren't going to promote you just because you're new and asked in chat, or you claim to be from Planet Minecraft. If you really want to be a staff member, fill out a staff application form!
Pretending to be a staff member on an alt account, or lying about the decisions or words of a staff member can land you in quite some trouble. If a staff member didn't say it, don't pretend they did. (Although this rule is directly written about staff members, please be courteous enough not to impersonate, or lie about the words or actions of regular players either)
These can be a serious drain on server resources. Please limit the amount of animals you have in farms to a couple of dozen or so, and be courteous enough to add an on/off switch to mob grinders, whether it's a lever to light up the spawner room, or a piston to instantly drop all spawned mobs in lava. Please limit the size of redstone machines and hopper mechanics, and keep server performance your top priority when building such contraptions.
Account registration is not required, nor supported.
All prices for ranks, items, or boosters are in USD or Merit
Items can be purchased at the Shopkeeper or Marketplace by using /shop
Selling items can be done in the following ways:
  • Using /sell [hand/blocks/gui/same/all/<itemname>]
  • Purchasing a marketplace shop and listing your items
  • Trading directly to other players
In-game, use /helpop [message]. Type /staff to check the staff list or use your tab key to check for members with dark blue, light blue or red coloured names. If they are not online, your helpop will be recieved at a later time. Alternatively, you may try contacting staff via Discord.

If someone has wronged you, and you'd like to report them, use /helpop [message] ingame and a staff member will get back to you regarding the issue as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may try contacting staff via Discord.

If you have been wrongly warned or muted, use /helpop [message] ingame and a staff member will get back to you regarding the issue as soon as possible.

If you have been wrongly banned, please contact staff via Discord and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.

Simply click the donation store tab up at the top of the forums and then choose a donation to make. A goodwill donation is great if you are low on cash and all donations contribute to later purchases. For example, if you bought a sponsor rank, then a goodwill donation of $5 2 weeks later, you could buy VIP for only a further $5. The costs of the ranks go $1+(Goodwill) $5(Sponsor), $15(VIP), $25(Elite), $40(God) and 60$(Titan).

Alternatively, you can acquire ranks by redeeming Rank Tokens. there is a 1 in 300 chance you can get a Rank Token from voting on one of the vote links. Rank Tokens can also be purchased with merit points. You get 1 merit point for voting on all links each day, and one for completing 3 daily tasks at the Daily Task NPC at /spawn. Rarely, lucky blocks and singular votes may award Rank Tokens as a drop, and last but not least you may purchase Rank Tokens from other players with in-game cash.

When the time comes for world resets, (once per year at minimum -- usually tied in with large Minecraft updates), never fear. None of your stats, balance, or items will be lost. We'll usually open up the new world alongside the current world for approximately one month, allowing all players adequite time to contact a staff member to copy their existing building(s). Once your building is copied, you're free to explore the new world, find a nice spot, and have your building(s) pasted in the location of your choice.

If you do not have any claims yet, a first claim will be made for you automagically upon placing down your first chest. It will be a 9x9 size, with the chest you placed down at its center.

Whenever you create a claim, the outlines will be marked with gold blocks and glowstone. These blocks can't be mined or collected. If you don't want the automatically placed claim, you can unclaim it by standing in it and typing /unclaim. The outline of a claim will disappear over time and become invisible. To make the outline reappear, use a stick and right-click it inside a claimed area to visualise the borders of the claim again. People you didn't specifically trust to your claims can't kill, place, break, steal or do anything inside your claims.

Perhaps you want to create a claim somewhere else? That can be done! Let's create a new claim. First, you will need a Golden Shovel. Any golden shovel will do. Also, make sure you have enough claim blocks available! Equipping a golden shovel will tell you how many blocks you have left to spend. Ain't got enough? There's instructions in the next paragraph!


Right-click a location with your shovel to make a diamond block appear on the ground. This block can't be collected.


Right-click another location to create a square, with the two blocks you clicked as its corners. A new claim has been created! The new claim will again be marked visually by gold blocks and glowstone at its corners. Beneath you will find an example of what a new claim might look like. The two orange arrows indicate what locations were clicked with the golden shovel to create it.


From time to time you might want to change the size of your claim. Perhaps to include a new farm, or because you expanded your house. Provided you have enough claim blocks, the procedure is as follows:

Grab your golden shovel again. If your existing claim is currently not displayed with gold blocks and glowstone, grab a stick (yes, a wooden stick) and right-click some land inside your claim. The outline should now appear.

Walk up to one of the corners you wish to resize and right-click it with your shovel. Right-click at a new location to move the corner there. In the image down below. the red arrow and redstone lamp indicate where the old corner used to be and the block I clicked first. The green arrow shows the second block I clicked and where the corner was moved to. You can see by the outline that the claim was resized to now include the new farm.


If you do it right, 2 clicks is all it takes!

(Shrinking your claim will refund claim blocks)

Use /shop to get to the shop at spawn. There, visit the Shopkeeper. In his menu, select "Permissions".


Once there, find the option for Extra Land.


A menu will appear with a variety of options. Each option costs more money, but also provides more claim blocks. The expansions do not stack.


The infinite option of unlimited claim blocks (Diamond Block) is only purchasable for VIP+ ranks. After purchasing the infinite pack, you can continue to buy more claim blocks using `/buyclaim` or `/buyclaimblocks` at a cost of 0.12$/block.

To add friends to your land and give them full permission to everything on your claim, stand inside your claim and use `/trust [playername]`

You can also give them limited permission instead by using one of the following:

`/accesstrust [playername]` allows people to use redstone triggers and anvils etc

`/containertrust [playername]` grants access to all containers (chests, furnaces. minecart hoppers etc.) on your land.


You can also give someone permission to manage a claim on your behalf, or to co-own a claim. By using `/permissiontrust [playername]`, you give someone permission to do all of the above commands. Someone with permissiontrust can `/accesstrust`, `/containertrust` and `/trust` other people to your claim.

They can only give out permissions they have themselves, though. For example:

If you stand inside your claim and use `/permissiontrust PinchBot`, he can't do anything. PinchBot isn't trusted to your land, nor did you give him access to redstone or containers. If you then do `/containertrust PinchBot`, PinchBot can open all the chests in your claim. PinchBot can now also use `/containertrust` himself to add other people to your claims chests. Because you didn't `/trust PinchBot`, he can't build on your claim and he can't `/trust` other people either.

So, for permission trust: People can only manage the permissions that they themselves received. Only the one and true owner of a claim can /permissiontrust. Even if you gave someone all permissions, they cannot /permissiontrust someone else to your claim.


To see all the people who have been trusted to your land and in what manner, stand inside the claim you're curious about and use `/trustlist`. Different colours signify different permissions.

To untrust someone from one of your claims, stand inside the claim and use `/untrust [name]`

Subdividing claims is a bit trickier than your average land claim but the principle remains the same; 2 clicks is all it takes! In theory you are making claims inside your claim. The advantage of this is that you can /trust people to some areas of your claim, but not to others. Subdividing claims might be most useful to town builders for it allows you to protect the entire town in one claim without having to trust inhabitants to your entire town.


First you need a basic claim, click 2 corners to claim your entire area or town. See "How do I create and resize a claim?".

The gold blocks indicate the outline of one large claim.


Now to start subdividing. Grab a golden shovel again and toggle the subdivision mode using `/subdivideclaim`, a subdivision claim is created in the same way as any other claim. Tap two corners and a rectangle is created.

You can only create subdivisions within your existing claim. If the subdivision exceeds the border of your basic claim then you need to expand the whole claim before subdividing. Subdivision claims also can't cross eachother. Resizing subdivisions works the same as any other claim. Right-click an existing corner to edit it and right-click elsewhere to move the corner to that new location.


This village has been divided in to a few separate areas.

Each light blue rectangle resembles a subdivision. As you can see there are 8 subdivisions in this large town claim. Now you can edit the permissions in each subdivision separately, but you can also manage them all at once.


If you stand in subdivision 3 and use `/trust PinchBot`, PinchBot will be able to use all chests, all redstone and build/demolish in subdivision 3, but not in any other area.

If you stand in subdivision 1 and use `/containertrust PinchBot`, PinchBot can open all containers in subdivision 1, but nowhere else. He also cannot use redstone or build/break.

If you stand within the golden outline of the main claim, but outside all subdivisions and use `/trust PinchBot`, PinchBot can build/break in the entire claim ánd all subdivisions. He can also edit containers and use redstone everywhere in the claim.


Using `/permissiontrust` it is possible to make someone the co-owner of your claim. If you stand inside the claim but outside of all subdivisions and use `/permissiontrust PinchBot`, PinchBot can modify all `/accesstrust`, `/containertrust` and `/trust` in the claim and all of its subdivisions. He has essentially become a co-owner of the full claim.


You can also make people the owner of their own subdivision. If you stand inside subdivision 8 and use `/trust PinchBot` and `/permissiontrust PinchBot`, PinchBot is allowed to build and edit containers and use redstone, AND he is allowed to manage all permissions in subdivision 8. PinchBot can then `/trust` other people to subdivision 8 himself, but not to any other subdivisions or the large town claim. He is essentially the owner of his own subdivision.

To remove one of the subclaims, stand inside that subclaim and use `/unclaim`.

Got some information or a question you feel should be on this page? Let us know in the #suggestions channel on Discord!